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Annual Expo: December 2019

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Integrating Health Data into the Next Dimension of Wellness

Dean Kiradjieff from Interactive Health Inc. and Logan Pennington from Go365 by Humana provide an enlightening session:

Taking Employee Health Local

Where individuals live, work and play can affect health risks and outcomes. Understanding the many social determinants of health such as safe neighborhoods, education and access to healthy food will help further engage employees and impact their health for the better.

  • Location Matters - learn what social determinants of health are and why they should matter to employers. Understand the link between health behaviors and social determinants. Find ways to address employee health needs and begin to target interventions in geographically dispersed locations where they are needed most by analyzing individual, employer and community (social determinants of health) data.

  • Explore real-life examples of how social determinant data is being integrated into the next dimensions of wellness as a part of a total rewards strategy to bolster wellness programming, improve retention and optimize employee health

Using Social Determinants of Health to Support the Workforce

As healthcare costs have continued to rise in recent years, the emergence of wellness programs have shown mixed results. Together, let’s discuss the finding of the most recent Go365 study, a holistic and actuarial approach to delivering an individualized and rewarding experience. In our time together, we will explore:

  • The exponential power of daily behavioral changes

  • The culmination to improved claims costs and annual healthcare trend

  • The integral role of wellness programs to improved benefit and provider utilization

  • Serving more healthy days – Influencing positive cultural change


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