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September 2019 Quarterly Meeting

Next Generation Wellness: Elevate your Impact and Influence

Join Rebecca Johnson, MS, from ViDL Solutions, for an enlightening session where you’ll discover:

·The reality about the relationship between organizational health, culture and

employee wellbeing

· What it takes to expand your value as an HR or wellbeing professional in order to

have greater impact on your organization and the lives of those you serve

· Three key words that will support your professional transformation with practical

examples of how to leverage each

The wellbeing industry is in the midst of a significant evolution. Many wellbeing and HR professionals are thinking differently about health, human nature and behavior change – and doing their best to figure out how to apply this new thinking to increase the impact they can have on the health, productivity and engagement of those they serve. As this transformation is occurring, there’s lots of conversation about how wellbeing initiatives need to change in order to better align with the realities of human nature and become more meaningful and relevant to those who might benefit from them.

What’s often missing in these conversations though is how wellbeing professionals themselves need to grow and adapt not just keep up with the change, but to confidently lead their companies or communities into the next generation of wellness. This is essential to consider because of course we can’t contribute to a paradigm shift “out there” unless we’ve had a paradigm shift “in here”. Changing the status quo in an industry where there’s so much outdated thinking requires that we do important inner work to develop the knowledge, skills and courage that big transformations demand.

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